fao logo neu 200Rome. - Agricultural commodities are going through a period of lower and less volatile prices, according to the FAO Food Outlook released on Thursday. After several dramatic upward price spikes from 2007 through early 2011, most cereal and vegetable oil prices are on a trajectory that is both steady and declining, the Outlook reports in a special feature.

fao logo neu 200Rome. - Prolonged dry weather associated with the El Niño phenomenon has severely reduced this year’s cereal outputs in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, putting a large numbers of farmers in need of agricultural assistance as the subregion tries to recover amidst ongoing dryness, the Food and Agriculture Organisation said on Monday.

uni göttingenGöttingen. - Weltweit leiden rund zwei Milliarden Menschen an Unter- und Mangelernährung. Gründe hierfür sind eine Unterversorgung mit Grundnahrungsmitteln ebenso wie eine eingeschränkte Ernährungsvielfalt in armen Bevölkerungsgruppen. Viele der unter- und mangelernährten Menschen sind Kleinbauern in Entwicklungsländern, die einen Großteil der Nahrungsmittel für den Eigenkonsum produzieren. Deswegen wird vielfach angenommen, dass eine stärker diversifizierte Produktion die Qualität der Ernährung in Kleinbauernhaushalten verbessern kann. Eine Studie von Agrarökonomen der Universität Göttingen zeigt jedoch, dass diese Annahme längst nicht immer zutrifft. Die Ergebnisse der Studie sind in der Fachzeitschrift Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) erschienen.

fao logo neu 200Rome. - Prices for major food commodities in July hit their lowest average monthly level since September 2009 as sharp drops in the prices of dairy products and vegetable oils more than offset some increases for those of sugar and cereals. This was announced by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) on Thursday in Rome.

Berlin. - Im Vorfeld der abschließenden Beratung zur Umsetzung der EU-Finanzmarktrichtlinie hat Oxfam der Finanzindustrie vorgeworfen, die Regeln zur Eindämmung der Nahrungsmittelspekulation aushöhlen zu wollen. Die EU plant, dieser Spekulation mit der 2014 verabschiedeten Finanzmarktrichtlinie (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, kurz MiFID II), einen Riegel vorzuschieben. Doch die Ausarbeitung der technischen Details hat sie der Europäischen Finanzmarktaufsichtsbehörde (ESMA) überlassen.

fao logo neu 200Rome. - Two FAO projects in Niger and Senegal have earned awards in an EXPO 2015 competition aimed at spotlighting best practices in sustainability in international food security work. The EXPO's theme this year is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". The "Best Sustainable Development Practices" competition was organized by the Feeding Knowledge platform, an EXPO 2015 initiative that is promoting greater cooperation in research and innovation related to food security, with a focus on policies, technologies, know-how and services and products.

fao logo neu 200Kathmandu. - Some $20 million is urgently needed to support farmers in earthquake-hit Nepal resume agricultural activities and avoid the threat of prolonged food insecurity facing about one million people, FAO warned on Friday. To date, only 13 percent has been received of the $23.4 million in emergency agricultural assistance, which is required. Two separate earthquakes and several aftershocks struck in April and May killing more than 8,000 people and devastating large parts of the country, also heavily disrupting agricultural activities.

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